About us

Puritrak exist to improve and protect people’s health with clean air. Indoor air. It’s what people breathe, sleeping, playing, or working; hours per day, nearly every day. Polluted indoor air impacts health. The result can be poor productivity, disease, even death.


More than 2000 students and teachers at UNIS, BIS, BVIS, … are protected from the polluted air thanks to Puritrak’s system of solutions.


Puritrak solutions help businesses solve the problem of air pollution while saving investment costs in aspects including financial, human resources and time.


We create and continually improve solutions to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs at all times.

What people say about Puritrak

Puritrak’s new system will totally change the way we operate air purifiers and energy management.

Operation Manager / United Nations International School (UNIS)

We trust and select Puritrak as a partner to build, manage and operate the entire air filtration system for our school because of their deep understanding and diverse experience in this field

Business Director / British Vietnamese International School Hanoi (BVIS Royal)

After considering the proposals of all the air purification system suppliers in Vietnam, I found that Puritrak is our best choice of service quality and investment costs

CEO / British International School Hanoi (BIS)

Our office is clean now. Myself and a other staff had chronic bronchitis. We feel better with fewer symptoms after getting Puritrak.

Ms. Hong / Director, College Scout Company, Hanoi

It surprised us! Puritrak’s monitor showed the office air was worse than the street air! The decision to get Puritrak was easy.

Mr. Tuan / General Manager, Travel Company, Hanoi

Our 11-month-old child was itching his nose day and night. This ended immediately after we got Puritrak in all the rooms in our home.

Prosumer Homeowner / VinHomes Riverside, Hanoi