Puritrak outdoor air quality measuring device

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The Puritrak outdoor air quality meter is an advanced and reliable solution for measuring and monitoring air quality in your living environment. With a combination of advanced standard technology and detailed information on air pollution levels, this product helps you better assess and understand the condition of your living environment.

Puritrak outdoor air quality measuring device
Puritrak outdoor air quality measuring device

1. Technical specifications of outdoor air quality meter

Products are designed from the most advanced technology to ensure the most accurate and reliable results for customers

1.1. Measuring device size

The product has a compact, convenient design, can be used in many spaces, with dimensions of only 30cmx20cmx15cm. This size is optimized for easy outdoor placement without taking up too much space

1.2. Measure fine dust index AQI PM2.5

Puritrak’s equipment meets international standards and allows measuring the level of fine dust pollution in the air PM2.5, PM10. You can monitor and control air quality to protect the health of you and your family.

AQI air quality index
AQI air quality index

1.3. Measure environmental temperature and humidity

Outdoor measuring stations provide information about temperature and humidity in the environment. This helps you create a comfortable and healthy living environment, especially in areas such as classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, and cafeterias.

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1.4. Measure Heat Index

The air quality meter provides a Heat Index, which indicates how hot the environment is based on temperature and humidity. With this use, you can proactively prevent and protect your health when the environment becomes too hot.

1.5. The outdoor measuring device calculates the AQI index according to WHO standards

The device calculates the Air Quality Index (AQI) based on measurement parameters. Helps you better understand the level of air pollution and make appropriate decisions to improve your living environment.

1.6. Using world-class high-end sensors

Puritrak is committed to providing you with top quality. The indoor air quality measuring device is equipped with high-end sensors, ensuring accuracy and reliability in measuring and monitoring air quality.

Puritrak's technical staff completed the installation of outdoor monitoring equipment
Puritrak’s technical staff completed the installation of outdoor monitoring equipment

1.7. Use AC 220V or 12VDC power

The Puritrak indoor air quality measuring device is designed for operate either 220V or 12VDC AC power. Helps you use the product conveniently and flexibly according to each need.

1.8. Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or GSM

The product is capable of connecting to the internet through either Wi-Fi or GSM. You can easily access and monitor real-time data from your device via the mobile app or website.

1.9. Made in Vietnam

Equipment manufactured in Vietnam – Puritrak is proud to be a pioneer brand in technology that meets air quality standards according to North American (EPA) and European standards in the field of “Solutions and supply of filtration measuring equipment”. air”

2. Advantages of outdoor air quality measuring equipment

Puritrak outdoor air quality measuring device is installed in the customer's garden
Puritrak outdoor air quality measuring device is installed in the customer’s garden

Puritrak’s outdoor air quality measuring device offers many outstanding advantages, helping you create a healthy and safe living environment. Below are the outstanding advantages that our products bring to you:

Water-resistant device: A product designed to meet measurement needs in many different fields. Regardless of whether you are using it in the playground, sports area, schoolyard or on the rooftop, our device ensures the ability to effectively measure and monitor air quality. The product has been specifically designed to resist the effects of water and ensure reliable operation in wet environments or when exposed to water.

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The air quality index at the measurement point will be displayed on the system for customers to monitor and monitor

Outdoor measuring station displays real-time data: The device monitors outdoor air quality and displays ongoing real-time data. You can monitor changes in air quality indicators and the impact of environmental factors instantly. Real-time data helps you capture the latest and reliable information to make sound and effective decisions.

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Indicators are continuously sent to the user’s mobile device/software: As long as the device is connected to the internet, customers can monitor the air quality of their living space. At the same time, Puritrak also provides options that allow you to make the collected data public or confidential, giving you flexibility in sharing information with the community or keeping it private as desired.

Customers can view air quality index directly on their phone

Store measurement results for analysis and comparison: The outdoor measurement station has the capability to store measurement results during operation. This helps you collect data over time and space, creating a rich data set for analysis and comparison. Currently, Puritrak is offering free data storage for 3 consecutive months. Customers can also permanently store data (for a fee).

Ability to integrate and synchronize with the air filtration system: Puritrak’s outdoor air quality measuring device has the ability to integrate and synchronize with the air filtration system. Allows customers to take advantage of information measured from the device to increase the operating efficiency of the air filtration system, ensuring a clean and safe living environment.

Customers love and trust the product: Our outdoor air quality measuring equipment has been trusted and used by many organizations across the country, from North to South, from schools and hospitals. to sports centers and households. With its versatility and ability to serve every need, our equipment has proven to be an indispensable tool for controlling and improving living environments.

Some typical customers of Puritrak
Some typical customers of Puritrak

With such outstanding advantages, our outdoor air quality measuring device is an indispensable tool to control and improve your living environment.

If you need further assistance with information related to the air filtration system, please contact the information below to have Puritrak’s experienced technical department advise you on the right product for you. Thank you for reading the article!

Airsen AS800 air purifier has a built-in Ion generator to help circulate blood
Airsen AS800 air purifier has a built-in Ion generator to help circulate blood

Contact Info:

Hotline: 0904.800.006
Website: puritrak.com
Email: [email protected]
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