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When and How

2017, at the UNDP Social Good Summit in the SDG Challenge startup competition, Puritrak firstly show up under the name Airman. From the beginning Puritrak focus on helping schools, health care centers, fitness clubs, business owners, shop keepers, recruiters provide pure air for staffs, clients through a clean air system.

Founders are specialists who come from US, Australia, Europe gain a deep understanding about Vietnam weather condition. Puritrak solutions is a combination of premium standards of efficiency and flexibility.

Puritrak timeline history


Puritrak’s solutions and products are built from health criterion of WHO, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), United States Environmental Protection Agency, Việt Nam Ministry of Health (MOH), Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA). Therefore, Puritrak was quickly accepted by top international and private schools in Vietnam.

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First local business who focus in dealing with air polution of Vietnam. Until now Puritrak keeps leading application of Internet of Things (iOT),  Cloud server, Affiliate Intelligence (AI) in making, operating air quality system in order to maximize benefits for clients.


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Korean Assum 2018

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