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Puritrak indoor air quality measuring device

Thiết bị đo chất lượng không khí trong nhà Puritrak được lắp đặt tại nhà khách hàng

With the goal of bringing healthy and comfortable living spaces to customers, Puritrak has developed an advanced, reliable and easy-to-use indoor air quality measuring device. Combined with the most advanced technology, our indoor air quality measuring devices not only provide you with accurate air quality data, but also help you better assess and understand the […]

Puritrak outdoor air quality measuring device

Lắp đặt thiết bị đo chất lương không khí ngoài trời tại trường TH School

The Puritrak outdoor air quality meter is an advanced and reliable solution for measuring and monitoring air quality in your living environment. With a combination of advanced standard technology and detailed information on air pollution levels, this product helps you better assess and understand the condition of your living environment. 1. Technical specifications of outdoor […]

Puritrak Airsen AS800 air purifier

The Airsen AS800 air purifier is equipped with an ionize

Inside your home, the air often contains many hidden elements such as dust particles, bacteria, viruses and other toxic particles. These factors can cause many health problems. To mitigate these risks, air purifiers have become a powerful assistant in creating a safe and clean living space. Puritrak Airsen AS800 is the perfect choice for you […]

Puritrak Airsen AS488 air purifier

The Airsen air purifier can operate a large number of devices with just one operation.

In a context where air pollution is becoming increasingly serious, the use of air purifiers is an effective solution to minimize the effects of pollution on human health. Therefore, air purifiers have become an indispensable product in homes and workplaces. Understanding customers’ needs, Puritrak has launched the Puritrak Airsen AS488 air purifier product to meet […]