Airsen Air Purifier – What is it? Classification and Structure of Airsen Air Purifiers

Airsen air purifier

1. What is Airsen Air Purifier?

Airsen air purifiers are advanced products in the air purification field developed by Puritrak. The company introduces them to the market to provide a comprehensive solution for cleaning the air in living and working spaces. With advanced technology and elegant design, Airsen promises to create a fresh and healthy living environment.

Airsen air purifier
Airsen air purifier

2. Classification of Airsen Air Purifiers

Airsen air purifiers are classified based on their filtering capacity and coverage area. Different models of Airsen are available to meet diverse customer needs, depending on the space and level of air pollution.

2.1 Airsen AS488 Air Purifier

Airsen AS488 Air purifier
Airsen AS488 Air purifier

AS488 is a model with an air filtration rate of 488m3/h, suitable for rooms and offices ranging from 30m2 to 50m2. It can filter the air up to 99.97%, ensuring a clean and fresh environment. The AS488 can purify a 20m2 space in just 9 minutes and detects pollution within 1 second, stabilizing operations in 6 seconds. Additionally, it features UV light, ion release, and humidification, making it suitable for households.

2.2 Airsen AS800 Air Purifier

Puritrak Airsen AS800 air purifier
Puritrak Airsen AS800 air purifier

AS800 is a premium model with an air filtration rate of 800m3/h, designed for larger spaces ranging from 56m2 to 96m2. It can filter the air up to 99.97% and remove harmful substances like formaldehyde, toluene, and ammonia. The AS800 can purify a 30m2 space in 6 minutes, detects pollution within 1 second, and stabilizes operations in 6 seconds.

3. Structure of Airsen Air Purifiers

3.1 Air Circulation System

Airsen air purifiers are designed with an intelligent air circulation system. Polluted air is drawn into the machine through centrifugal fans and passes through various filters. Clean air is then released back into the living space, maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment.

3.2 Pre-filter System

Airsen Puritrak air purifiers are equipped with pre-filters to remove larger particles such as hair, pet dander, and coarse dust. This protects the HEPA filter from clogging and extends the machine’s lifespan.

Clean the air purifier's coarse filter
Clean the air purifier’s coarse filter

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3.3 Integrated Filters

Hepa air purifier operating mechanism
Hepa air purifier operating mechanism

Both Airsen models come with standard integrated filters, including activated carbon filters and HEPA filters.

Activated Carbon Filter: This filter integrates natural activated carbon from coconut shells on a wide surface, effectively removing hazardous chemicals and organic compounds, eliminating odors and harmful gases.

HEPA Filter: The HEPA filter meets H13 standards, capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of over 99.97%.

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3.4 Clean Air Ionization System

Both Airsen models feature an ion release system, neutralizing dust, smoke, and bacteria with positive charges, preventing them from freely floating in the air. Negative ions also increase oxygen circulation in the blood, supporting blood circulation and metabolism, thereby improving the body’s immune system.

Additionally, the Airsen AS488 model includes a UV light system, achieving a natural bacteria destruction rate of over 92%. The 365nm wavelength helps eliminate cell structures and break down molecular bonds of gas, bacteria, and viruses, rendering pollutants harmless.

Airsen AS488 Puritrak air purifier is installed at the customer's home
Airsen AS488 Puritrak air purifier is installed at the customer’s home

3.5 Modern and Convenient Design

Airsen air purifiers typically have modern, compact designs that are easy to move within living spaces. They also integrate smart features like air quality sensors, automatic adjustment modes, and scheduled operation, providing maximum convenience to users.

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4. Functions of Airsen Air Purifiers

Airsen AS488 air purifier
Airsen AS488 air purifier

Air Cleaning: Airsen air purifiers effectively filter out over 99.97% of dust particles and pollutants, ensuring clean air.

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Bacteria Elimination: One of the notable advantages is the ability to eliminate and resist harmful bacteria. The filtration system can destroy harmful bacteria and viruses in the air, promoting user health and preventing infectious diseases.

Airsen AS800 Air Purifier - Filters Fine Dust up to 99.97%
Airsen AS800 Air Purifier – Filters Fine Dust up to 99.97%

Odor Removal: In addition to cleaning the air, Airsen air purifiers help reduce unpleasant odors and unwanted fragrances in the space. The activated carbon filter efficiently absorbs odor molecules and toxic gases, providing a fresh and pleasant environment.

5. How to Use Airsen Air Purifiers

Using Airsen is straightforward. Place the air purifier in the desired space, connect it to power, and turn on the power button. Airsen will operate automatically, allowing you to choose the filtering mode and fan speed according to your needs. Regularly clean the filters and replace them to ensure the machine’s effectiveness.

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6. Advantages of Airsen Air Purifiers Over Other Models

Compared to other air purifiers, Airsen offers several advantages:

High Filtration Efficiency: With a multi-stage filtration system and advanced technology, Airsen can achieve a filtration efficiency of up to 99.97%.

The Airsen air purifier operates a large number of devices with just one operation.
The Airsen air purifier operates a large number of devices with just one operation.

Smart Operation and Technological Breakthroughs: Airsen air purifiers can be remotely controlled, allowing users to operate multiple devices with a single action on their phones or web browsers.

Smart Features: Airsen integrates air quality sensors on the exterior, enabling the machine to detect air pollution within 1 second.

Energy Efficiency: The advanced technology optimizes the operational efficiency of the machine, reducing power consumption.

Aesthetic Design: Airsen air purifiers feature a modern and elegant design, suitable for any living space.

User-Friendly: The machine is easy to use – simply turn it on and place it where you want to purify the air.

Reliability: With the Puritrak brand, Airsen is highly rated for reliability and product quality.

Puritrak Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device
Puritrak Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device

In summary, Puritrak’s Airsen air purifiers provide an ideal solution for improving air quality in your living space. With advanced technology, sleek design, and high filtration efficiency, Airsen not only delivers clean air but also contributes to a fresh and comfortable living and working environment.

For further information or assistance related to air purifiers, please contact the hotline at 0904.800.006 to receive advice from Puritrak’s sales department.

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