Simple and Effective Guide to Replacing Air Purifier Filters


Simple and Effective Guide to Replacing Air Purifier Filters

When using an air purifier, regular maintenance and replacement of the air purifier filters are essential tasks. However, for those new to this task, there may be some uncertainties about when to replace them and how to do so. In the following article, Puritrak will share useful information to help you easily accomplish this task.

1. When to Replace Air Purifier Filters

Before starting the process of replacing air purifier filters, it’s important to know when to do so. The timing of filter replacement depends on the type of filter, the level of air pollution, and the frequency of air purifier usage.

For pre-filters: The lifespan of pre-filters is directly related to the lifespan of the purifier itself, so there’s no need to replace them separately. However, it’s important to ensure regular cleaning of the pre-filter membrane 1-2 times per month.

Tiến hành vệ sinh màng lọc thô máy lọc không khí bằng nước sạch
Clean the air purifier’s coarse filter with clean water

Activated carbon filters: The replacement interval depends on the usage level of the air purifier and the living environment. Typically, the frequency of replacing activated carbon filters is every 6-12 months. However, there may be special cases where earlier or later replacement is necessary.

Absorbs and removes odors, organic substances, and chemicals in the air
Absorbs and removes odors, organic substances, and chemicals in the air

HEPA filters: HEPA filters are the most important layer in an air purifier. The replacement interval for HEPA filters is usually between 12 to 24 months, depending on the level of air pollution and the purifier’s capacity. Regular replacement of HEPA filters ensures the efficient operation of the air purifier and provides healthy, clean air for your living space.

HEPA filter is capable of removing up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 µm or larger in size.

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2. Procedure for Replacing Air Purifier Filters

We’ll divide the process of replacing air purifier filters into 3 stages:

Stage 1: Preparation

Turn of the power

Turn off the machine and disconnect power: Ensure that the air purifier is completely turned off and disconnected from the power source before performing any operations related to filter replacement.

Prepare the new filter: Make sure you have purchased the correct type of filter for replacement, distinguishing between the HEPA and activated carbon filters to purchase the correct type.

Prepare tools: Ensure you have prepared all necessary tools such as the new filter, gloves, and any necessary assembly tools as per the instructions.

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Stage 2: Replacing Air Purifier Filters

Open the lid or filter cover: With the assistance of assembly tools if necessary, open the lid or filter cover on the air purifier.

Remove the old filter: Remove the old filter from its position. Be careful and ensure a steady hand to avoid damaging any components of the machine.

Lắp màng lọc mới theo đúng thứ tự
Remove the old air purifier filter from its location

Install the new filter: Take the new filter and place it into the previously prepared position. Ensure the filter is placed correctly and securely.

Close the lid or filter cover: Once the new filter has been installed in place, close the lid or filter cover exactly as it was originally.

Stage 3: Checking and Restarting the Air Purifier

Check and restart the air purifier


Thoroughly check: Before turning on the machine, thoroughly check to ensure that the new filter has been installed correctly and there are no issues.

Turn on the air purifier: Turn the air purifier back on and monitor its operation. Ensure that the machine is functioning normally after the filter replacement.

Thus, Puritrak has guided you through the simple and effective process of replacing air purifier filters. If you need further assistance or information about air purifiers, please contact the technical department of Puritrak using the information provided below, they will guide you and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for reading our article!

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