What is Activated Carbon Filter? The Role of Activated Carbon Filter in Air Purifiers?

What is Activated Carbon Filter?

In the context of increasingly serious air pollution, applying advanced technologies to improve air quality has become an important goal. One important technology widely used is activated carbon filter. In this article, we will delve into understanding what activated carbon filters are and their important role in air purifiers.

1. What are activated carbon filters?

Activated carbon filters (activated carbon filter) are an advanced filtration method designed to remove gases, chemical vapors, and odor molecules from the air. This technology is commonly used in air purifiers to absorb pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and smoke. As a result, you can enjoy clean and fresh air, which helps protect health and improve quality of life.

cấu tạo của màng lọc than hoạt tính
Structure of activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters are made from small carbon particles derived from charcoal, coconut, and wood, undergoing a process to become extremely porous. This creates an incredibly absorbent surface.

However, this filter cannot remove fine particles such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, or pollen from the air.

2. How do activated carbon filters work?

Activated carbon filters operate based on the principle of adsorption. A chemical process allows pollutants to be trapped inside the pore structure of the carbon material.

The small pore structure of activated carbon creates a large surface area, enhancing its interaction with particles and molecules in the air.

Màng lọc than hoạt tính hoạt động ra sao?
How does activated carbon filter work?

The air filtration process through activated carbon filters occurs as follows:

  • Polluted air is drawn into the filtration system.
  • The air passes through the activated carbon filter.
  • During this process, adsorption occurs, causing pollutants to be adsorbed and trapped within the pore structure of the activated carbon material.
  • The filtered air exits the activated carbon filter, passes through other filters, and returns to the original environment.

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3. The role of activated carbon filters in air purifiers

Activated carbon filters play an important and indispensable role in air purifiers. They help clean the air by removing pollutants, unwanted odors, and odor molecules, creating a healthy and safe environment to breathe. Below are some important roles of activated carbon filters in air purifiers:

3.1. Removing pollutants

Air purifiers improve indoor air quality
Activated carbon filter helps absorb pollutants

Activated carbon filters have the ability to adsorb and trap pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and smoke from the air. This helps clean the air and prevents the spread of pollutants in the environment.

3.2. Odor and unwanted smell removal

Activated carbon filters also have the ability to remove unwanted odors and smells from the air. Odor molecules are adsorbed by carbon particles on the filter surface, making the air in the room more comfortable and pleasant.

3.3. Creating a healthy air environment

Sử dụng máy lọc khí trong phòng ngủ và không gian làm việc:
Activated carbon filter eliminates unwanted odors and fragrances

By removing pollutants and unwanted odors, activated carbon filters help create a healthy environment for users. Healthy air is an important factor in maintaining good health and improving quality of life.

4. When to replace activated carbon filters?

The replacement time for activated carbon filters depends on various factors, including the environment of use, the level of air pollution, the type of air purifier you are using, and the frequency of use. Typically, the replacement time is about 6 to 12 months.

Lắp màng lọc mới theo đúng thứ tự
The time to replace the activated carbon filter is usually about 6 to 12 months

Additionally, you should clean the activated carbon filter regularly every month with a vacuum cleaner. Avoid washing activated carbon filters with water, as this can damage the filter structure and affect the efficiency of the air purifier.

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Above are some information about activated carbon filters. We hope that with Puritrak’s article, you will have a better understanding of effective air filtration methods, bringing a healthier air environment.

If you need assistance with information about air purifiers, please contact our technical department at Puritrak for guidance and clarification. Thank you for reading the article!

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