Do you need to close the door when using an air purifier?

Do you need to close the door when using an air purifier?
Do you need to close the door when using an air purifier?
Do you need to close the door when using an air purifier?

Air purifiers have become a popular solution for improving air quality inside living and working spaces. However, a common question is whether we need to close the door when using an air purifier or not. In this article, we will delve into details to better understand this issue.

1. The operating principle of an air purifier

Before exploring whether an air purifier needs to be closed, we need to understand how an air purifier works.

Mechanism of operation of the antibacteria air purifiers
HEPA air purifier operating mechanism

The machine operates based on the principle of circulating air in the room. Initially unpurified air is drawn into the machine through suction force, then passes through layers of air filters. This process helps remove dust particles and contaminants, making the air cleaner. After being purified, the air is blown back into the environment. Thanks to this mechanism, the air in the room is maintained in a circulating and cleaned state.

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2. Benefits of using an air purifier

Using an air purifier brings many important benefits to health and the living environment:

Improving air quality: Air purifiers help remove dust particles, bacteria, pollen, and harmful particles from the air. This cleanses the air, making it safer to breathe and reducing the risk of health issues such as allergies, asthma, and respiratory diseases.

Benefits of air purifiers for home
Benefits of air purifiers

Reducing allergy symptoms: For people with allergies, air purifiers can be a lifesaver. Removing pollen, dust, mold, and other allergens from the air helps reduce symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, and itching.

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Protecting cardiovascular health: Air purifiers can reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues by removing ultrafine particles, smoke, and pollutants from the air. Breathing cleaner air helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems such as chest pain and stroke.

The benefits of air purifiers help improve quality of life
Benefits of air purifiers protect heart health

Eliminating unwanted odors: Air purifiers have the ability to remove unpleasant odors from food, cigarette smoke, chemicals, and other odor sources. This makes the living space more comfortable and creates a healthier environment.

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Creating a healthy living space: Using an air purifier helps create a healthy and comfortable living environment. Clean and fresh air can improve the quality of life and provide favorable conditions for both physical and mental health.

Use an air purifier to eliminate odors in the room.
Use an air purifier when the environment is polluted

Additional utilities: Besides the above benefits, many air purifiers also have functions such as humidifying, dehumidifying, ionizing, mosquito trapping… which are very beneficial for improving health and the surrounding living environment.

3. Do you need to close the door when using an air purifier?

Although manufacturers do not provide specific requirements regarding whether you need to close the door when using an air purifier, closing the door can help the air purifier improve its performance.

Effective use of air purifiers
Do you need to close the door when using an air purifier?

Closing the door during the operation of the air purifier is beneficial because it prevents the intrusion of unwanted air from outside. This way, the machine can focus on processing the air in the room more effectively. Moreover, closing the door also helps reduce the workload of the machine, thereby prolonging the lifespan and efficiency of the equipment and saving energy.

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In practice, when the door is open, the air purifier still operates normally, but its performance is not as expected. When the door is open, the air purification process is interrupted, and outside air including dust and pollutants can enter the room. In that case, the air purifier needs more time to clean the air in the room again. Therefore, leaving the door open can affect the air purification ability of the machine.

4. Tips for using an air purifier effectively

Place the machine in a suitable location: Place the air purifier in a location with good airflow, near potential pollution sources such as windows, doors, or areas where different zones intersect. This helps the machine suck in dirty air for processing.

Position the air purifier at least 20cm from the wall and 50cm from the ceiling
Place the air purifier at least 20cm from the wall and at least 50cm from the ceiling.

Close the door when necessary: When you want to maximize the efficiency of the machine, close the door tightly in the room. This prevents polluted air from outside entering and helps the machine focus on cleaning the indoor air.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Monitor and adhere to the replacement schedule of the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean filters help the air purifier operate at its best performance.

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Do not neglect large areas: Air purifiers usually have limited operating ranges. Ensure the machine is placed within the largest range possible to filter enough air to improve the quality of the entire living space.

Choose an air purifier suitable for the room area
Choose an air purifier suitable for the room area

Combine with other devices: Using an air purifier in combination with a ceiling fan or air conditioner can increase the efficiency of distributing clean and cool air in the room.

Using in combination with other devices
Using in combination with other devices

Consider the surrounding environment: In cases where it is not possible to close the door, consider the surrounding environment but ensure that the machine still operates at a high level of efficiency.

Adjust fan speed: Many air purifiers have the option to adjust fan speed. When you need to filter air faster, increase the fan speed; when the space has been cleaned, you can adjust the speed back to save energy.

Airsen Air Purifier with 8 quiet fan levels
Airsen Air Purifier with 8 quiet fan levels

Adhere to maintenance procedures: Regularly clean the surface of the air purifier and check the condition of the filters. This ensures that the machine always operates at maximum efficiency.

From this article, we can draw our own appropriate answers to each person’s situation. When using an air purifier, to achieve the best efficiency, we should consider closing the door of the space we are cleaning. However, it is not always necessary to close the door because it also takes time for the air to circulate by leaving the door open.

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